Custom Manufacturing Accounting Software
DaBook - Business Management Software Solution
Business management accounting software delivered directly to your desktop, tablet, or phone now. We provide a full range of integrated business software products from mobile sales team management, estimating, project scheduling, manufacturing costing, service maintenance, lease and service billing, receivables, payables, purchasing, inventory control, and payroll. In addition, an online client project portal, wholesale and retail store fronts. We want to expand your services and products to promote growth and profit over your market. Our applications are simple to master, but robust enough to provide you with real time business activities. No special system requirements, no downloads, no installs, no servers. Connect as many users from any location(home office to any where in the world), any time. Give yourself the tools necessary to see how your business is performing at any given moment. All modules are integrated for a seemless data sharing environment reducing data entry. We promote a paperless office giving you the ability to save and store any documents, pictures, and graphics directly to clients, vendors, or products.
Soft Design Custom Web Development
Our design department is dedicated to providing customers with unique, innovative custom web applications to satisfy their individual needs. With attention to detail, our web designers will utilize your existing web site, if you have one, or create a custom web site with additional features to communicate with your clients. From simple to intricate custom designs and applications, our designers will create a web site with options that stands out from all the rest.
We work directly with you on every phase of the project providing you with updates to view and make comments to insure the design, functionality, and accuracy is communicated at every stage of progress.
Our methods of providing you and your clients applications and updates are by far the most efficent and effective approach on the market. Your software is immediately avaliable to your company and clients when an update has been loaded which eliminates any issues with current versions installations.